Play For Life Foundation


The Play For Life Foundation is dedicated to improving the health, minds and lives of Youth, Veterans and First Responders. Play For Life works within our community to provide the many mental and physical benefits of pickleball to those who may not have the resources or access to participate in The Pickleball Club.


We are striving to get our youth off video games and smart phones, while addressing the youth obesity problem with real solutions. Our youth program is targeted to Elementary, Middle & High Schools aged youth in Sarasota & Manatee counties. We encourage them to incorporate pickleball in their athletic programs during and after school. Since funding is always an issue, we donate a tailored kit filled with paddles, balls and nets. We even Train the Trainer – providing the athletic director instruction in game rules and how to train their students.

Studies show that people feel happier and are healthier after exercising.

Our Program helps disabled veterans, those suffering from PTSD, as well as, honoring those who have served. We are establishing special programs with the Sarasota & Manatee Veteran Commissions for veterans to play both at their meeting place and our facility. Pickleball is easy for everyone to play and easier than most activities for the disabled. Pickleball is a great release for those with PTSD.

The game can be played in a wheelchair or with limited mobility. We provide court time and equipment to veterans, particularly those individuals with catastrophic disabilities resulting from their service to our country.

First Responders​

Pickleball provides many mental and physical benefits. We provide these benefits to fire, law enforcement and EMTs who need a physical outlet and exercise to meet the demands of their job. We will have remote and special programs at The Pickleball Club. We will be developing special team building events for all emergency responders.
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